A deck is an extension of your home, much like an outdoor living room. 

Of course, you want the wood to look smooth, lustrous and evenly stained.
But several factors can detract from its beauty, dulling the finish:
- Age
- Moisture
- Sun
- Pollen
- Weather and Climate

At New Again Deck Renewal, we make your deck look new again by using: 
 - The best-quality products 
- Top-of-the-line tools 
- Our experience and expertise

Professional refinishing of your deck will save you time and money in the long run. It is much less expensive than replacing it and will keep your outdoor living space looking beautiful for years to come.  

Many homeowners try to refinish their decks themselves only to have to strip
and stain year after year.  Inferior results are usually the result of use of the wrong products or tools.


Year    Category
 2018  Pressure Washing
2018 Decks & Porches
2017 Pressure Washing
2016 Pressure Washing
2015  Decks & Porches
   2015  Deck Maintenance
    2014  Pressure Washing  
2014  Decks & Porches
 2014  Deck Maintenance
            2014  Snow Removal / Roof Ice
2013  Decks & Porches 
2013  Deck Maintenance
 2013  Pressure Washing 
 2013  Painting - Exterior 
2012  Deck Maintenance
 2011  Deck Maintenance 
 2011  Pressure Washing 
 2010  Deck Maintenance 
2009  Deck Maintenance

New Again Deck Renewal
Chanhassen 55317

In 2010, New Again Deck Renewal
adopted Highway 62 between
494 and Shady Oak Road in Minnetonka.

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