Ice Dams & Snow Removal

Ice dam removal, roof raking and snow removal
We do snow removal with a snow blower not with a track to make sure your driveway and grass will not get hurt.
We're working on a one time call so we can give you the best price only when you need it done. 

Ice dams are the scourge of cold, snowy climates like Minneapolis. When ice clogs gutters, water runoff from the roof gets trapped, travels under the shingles and leaks into the house. The ice builds along the edge of the roof as water gets trapped. 

You can chip away the ice to allow the water to drain. However, it is dangerous and will damage your roof. Leave the job to professionals with experience in non-mechanical, steam-based ice removal. 

Better yet, before an ice dam forms, call New Again Deck Renewal at 952-934-4465. We perform routine preventive snow removal and emergency ice dam removal. 

What causes ice dams? 
Ice dams are a sign of "hot spots" where heat leaks through poorly insulated areas of the roof and around vents, skylights or other incompletely sealed areas. The water melts over these areas only to refreeze when it hits a colder part of the roof.  

How much do you charge?
Cost varies by home.
We consider factors such as the height and pitch of your roof and the volume of ice to be removed, which determine how long your project will take. 

No job is too big or too small for New Again Deck Renewal. We serve the entire Twin Cities metro area. 

How long will it take? 
Once the equipment is set up, we typically can remove 7 to 15 feet of ice per hour. While this may seem like an expensive process, the alternative (severe water damage to your home) is much more costly. 

Cancellation policy
We bill only for the work performed. 
We do not charge for travel or require a minimum. Because snow and ice dam removal is urgent, and we need to staff to react quickly, we ask customers who must cancel for at least 12 hours notice. Otherwise, we charge a $25 cancellation fee.